Coleen Rooney Responds to Wayne Critics Ahead of Documentary

Coleen Rooney challenged critics of her husband Wayne ahead of the release of her new documentary, telling them: He is who he is.

The Amazon Prime Video documentary Rooney, which lands tomorrow, sees the pair speak openly about Wayne’s mistakes and the many highly publicized scandals he’s been embroiled in over the years.

From admitting he slept with prostitutes to driving under the influence, Wayne’s controversies have made as many headlines as his high-flying football career.

Now that everything is about to be revealed in the movie, Coleen is ready to defend it. On Twitter today, he said: “I am who I am… He is who he is… We are who we are and that’s it. Life is to live it, life goes on, life is not perfect at all and you know that…. It’s OUR life no one else. God bless you.”

When asked why she was broadcasting her life to millions of people, Coleen replied, “Because I want to… it’s my life. Enjoy yours xx. In the documentary, Coleen opens up about her decision to forgive Wayne for his infidelity. When asked if he had accepted Wayne’s past behavior, he said, “No, not the behavior, no, it’s not acceptable.

Forgiveness is different, I would say it is different. He wouldn’t, it’s not acceptable that what he did happened and that was the stage of life we ​​were in at the time, but we’ve moved on. She added: “I forgive him, but it was not acceptable. But it’s not something that, if it came up, we would talk about like we’re talking about now. I don’t have the anger that I did at the time.

Coleen has faced a lot of criticism in the past for getting Wayne back. Addressing claims that she forgave him for the sake of their children, Kai, 12, Klay, eight, Kit, five, and Cass, three, said: “I know people say, ‘Oh, did they stay together to keep to the family ?unity together That was part of it, but we also still love each other. Rooney lands on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, February 11